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Your First Visit

We believe that the highest quality orthodontic care is grounded in caring, trusting relationships. Your first visit will give you the chance to get acquainted with our office, meet our staff, and learn more about your own orthodontic needs.

The Initial Exam – What to Expect

When you call to schedule your complimentary initial exam, we’ll follow up by sending a Welcome Packet that includes a New Patient History Form. You can help us prepare for your exam by filling out and bringing in this form. (You can also print this and other forms from our website.)

The complimentary initial exam is very thorough and takes about an hour. We always appreciate it when all “decision makers” can be present at this first visit.

The initial exam is 100% complimentary (yes, even the x-rays). It includes:

  • A comprehensive examination of your teeth, mouth, and profile
  • Digital photographs and x-rays
  • A discussion about any concerns you may have regarding treatment
  • A discussion about treatment options

After Dr. Kulits and Laurie, our Treatment Coordinator, complete your exam, you’ll receive a report that describes:

  • Whether an orthodontic problem exists
  • The best time to begin treatment (in light of jaw and tooth development)
  • A recommendation for the best treatment to correct the problem(s)
  • Possible consequences of not correcting the problems
  • An estimated or expected length of treatment
  • How much your treatment will cost
  • Financial arrangements, including what portion your insurance will cover and payment options

Our goal is that you leave the initial exam with everything you need to make a well-informed decision! If you’re ready to get started, we can schedule the necessary appointments right away.

Also, if Dr. Kulits feels that your child isn’t ready to get started just yet, she’ll be placed in our Observation Program and monitored (typically every six months) until she is ready for treatment.

Beyond the Initial Exam – What to Expect

If you choose to join our practice as a patient, here are a few items we’d like you to know about:

Scheduling ongoing appointments. We’ll do our best to schedule ongoing appointments on the days and times you prefer—whether that means scheduling around work hours (for adults) or school and extra activities (for kids).

Do you or your child “click” with a particular orthodontic assistant? We’ll make note of that preference and do everything we can to schedule you with that assistant.

Need a reminder (like the rest of us)? Sign up for your choice of appointment reminder—text, phone or email. We’ll be sure to notify you before your scheduled appointment.

Want to check your account or appointment information online? Sign up for our secure online service, so you can access this information 24/7 from your device.

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